Privacy Policy

Our applications collects and shares the following data types automatically for advertising, analytics, These data are collected by our advertisers : admob and facebook audience programs appodeal , adcolony , The main goal also is the fraud prevention purposes for the admob program.

By default, the Google Mobile Ads SDK.and our Apps SDK  collect this DATA :

1  - IP Adrress : Collects device's IP address (Presise and aproximate location ) , which may be used to estimate the general location of a device.

2 -  User product interactions : Collects user product interactions and interaction information, including app launch, taps, and video views.

3 -  Diagnostic information : Collects information related to the performance of your app and the SDK, including crash logs, app launch time, hang rate, and energy usage.

4 - Device and Account identifiers : Collects Android advertising (ad) ID, app set ID, and, if applicable, other identifiers related to signed-in accounts on the device.

Note that : All of the user data collected by Google Mobile Ads SDK is encrypted in transit using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

Data handling :

Android ad ID collection is optional. The ad ID can be reset or deleted by users using ad ID controls in the Android settings menu. As the app developer, you can prevent the collection of ad IDs by updating the app's manifest file.

Certain other features in the Google Mobile Ads SDK, such as the Limited Ads feature, may also disable transmission of the ad ID and other data.

Data collected and shared depending on your usage :

If you are using any optional product features that involve additional data (such as advance reporting) or participating in any tests of new product features that involve additional data, be sure to check if those features or tests require additional data disclosures.


You can check this URL for know more how Google admob treat and collect your data :


Other setting

1. Our applications does not connect or contact to the user's e-mail.


2. 0ur applications does not share your camera and microphone.


3.  0ur applications does not share your files with others.


4.  Our applications do not have access , Do not keep nor transferred nor change your account information and your password and your profile picture.


5.   Our applications do not have access , Not keep your records ,Not transmit your telephone numbers and your phone private and public figures.


6. Our applications do not use nor share your wifi network and all your private and public internet network.


7.  Our applications do not use cookies , do not keep any of your own cookies.


8.  Our applications do not track your location , and not seen and not keep any of your own coordinates or using your GPS.






last modified : 09/07/2023